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Students should bring enough clothing for seven days. Runners, shorts, rain jackets, umbrellas and swimwear are very important. We also suggest that students bring sunglasses, a hat, and a camera (See our “HOW TO PACK FOR CAMP” document above). Students may bring pocket money if they wish to buy souvenirs, gifts or extra snacks. St. George’s is not responsible if items get lost, stolen or damaged. DO NOT HAVE YOUR CHILD BRING THINGS THAT HE/SHE WOULD BE VERY SAD TO LOOSE.

What about mobile phones?

Students are strongly encouraged to leave mobile phones at home and use a camera for photography. Phones and computers for voice and video calls are always available for student use during free time. Any mobile phones brought to camp must be used ONLY for photography and stored by our staff (at the student’s own risk). Mobile phones are released only between 4pm-10pm each weekday (and all day on weekends) to allow the students without cameras to take photos during tours or afternoon/evening activities. Phones put to other uses (video games, texting) will be confiscated at our staff’s discretion as the use of phones for gaming and texting on tours and during activities prevents students from getting the best out of their experience abroad.

What about electronic equipment?

Please DO NOT allow your child to BRING non-essential electronic equipment (such as laptops, ipods. ipads, PSPs, etc.) to camp. The only exception will be for students enrolled in Intensive English or Intensive Bridge who may choose to bring a laptop for their homework assignments.

What should students do with their valuables?

Please hand over all your child’s valuables (money, passport, plane tickets, gifts, etc) to the Summer Boarding Manager when you check him/her in on the first day of camp. They will be stored in a safe. Valuables will be returned at the end of the program or when the student asks for them. Students should not carry more than $20.00 of pocket money at any time.

Who will do the laundry?

Laundry is sent to a laundry service to be done by machine once each week. Sometimes extra laundry is done in the residence. All students should put their name on their clothing to identify it. Please bring enough clothing for one week. Children should not bring expensive things to camp. St. George’s is not responsible if clothing or other things get lost or damaged.

Should students bring snacks? Can snacks be bought?

Boarding students are well-fed during our programs with snacks provided mid-morning during the week, on weekend tours, and every evening at the residence. Some students may even make their own snacks during cooking class. Snacks and drinks can also be bought at the school store (located at the Senior School) before or after classes so it is not necessary to bring snacks from home.