St. George’s has multiple summer boarding options that tailor to just about any student’s needs!


Programs A3, B3, and C2 with Day Camp immersion classes:  The immersion option is for native English speakers or advanced language learners who want to immerse themselves with local day camp youth by choosing from our many day camp classes which run from 9am-3:30pm Monday to Friday.  Please visit to view class options or click here for a sampling of immersion options available to summer boarders (中文).  There is no extra charge for day camp classes during a boarding program.

Programs A3, B3, and C2 for English Language Learners: We offer Essential English Skills classes to compliment programs A3, B3, or C2.  This option is for students who would like to brush up on their English language speaking and listening skills and includes 2-3 hours of recreational activities with local youth each weekday. Students are assessed on arrival day and divided into English classes according to their level.  Please click here for more information on course content.

Med School 101: For serious future ‘med’ students ages 14-17.  Please visit the course description (accessible from the homepage or “PROGRAM OPTIONS” page) for more details and information on how to apply!

Intensive English: For intermediate/advanced English language learners who are interested in experiencing a Canadian high school English course condensed into 3 weeks!  Registrants are divided into two or more classes based on English level and given the opportunity to study a novel over the course of the program and also participate in special projects typical of what is offered at a Canadian high school level. This program is not an English language learning course but a high school English course such as is taught to local youth in Canadian high schools. It includes daily supervised homework assignments and one recreational block per day.  For more details please visit the course description (accessible from the homepage) or for a sample of course content please click here.

Intensive Bridge: This course is designed to prepare international students whose native-tongue is not English for their first year of private school at St. George’s or elsewhere in Canada. The program includes a mix of content and process skills as well as compensating strategies designed to help the student manage a 21st century curriculum focused on critical thinking, the integration of technology, and team based learning. This program does not include recreational blocks.  For more details on how to apply please visit the course description (accessible from the homepage).


Coming from abroad and not sure which program is for you?