Where do the students stay during a boarding program?

St. George’s Boarding House, Harker Hall, is located at the Junior School campus.  These residences include 24-hour live-in supervisors, a fully qualified nurse, an infirmary, and a lounge on each floor where students can watch TV & movies, play the piano, or play games such as billiards or table tennis.  Each bedroom provides ample storage space and a study area for each occupant. Please click here for a virtual tour of the Harker Hall residence.

How are rooms arranged?

Girls and boys are separated into different areas of St. George’s Harker Hall residence. Rooms sleep two or three students each. When you register, you may ask that your child share a room with a friend or relative. Roommates must be all boys or all girls. We do our best to accommodate all rooming requests when received in advance (by May 31st).

Are there many Chinese/Japanese/Koreans in your program?

Our students come from all over the world, but most are from the Pacific Rim. Each year a significant number of Chinese, Japanese and Korean students join our program. All students are encouraged to speak only English with their peers and with teachers. Efforts are also made to mix students of different language groups in order to encourage cultural enrichment. Students who already speak some English can improve their conversational skills by taking our Immersion Option.