Here are the instructions to complete online registration once a payment has been made to save a spot! Once steps 1-4 are complete you will receive an official invitation letter confirming registration.

1. Before May 1st, login to your account using the username and password you created when you selected the camp.

2. Select the word “ACCOUNT” on the blue bar at the top of the homepage (the word “ACCOUNT” only shows up if you are logged in)

3. Scroll down and click the buttons next to the student’s name.  Each button will revel online information that will need to be completed by May 1st in order to keep the spot.

4. (If you have put down a deposit only) login once more by May 1st and visit the “ACCOUNT” page again to complete payment by credit card – OR visit the “HOW TO REGISTER/PAYMENT METHODS” section under the “PROGRAM OPTIONS” tab for information on other payment methods.

Here are the welcome documents you’ll want to view for a smoother camp experience:

FAQsFAQs (简体), FAQs (繁體) (arrival details, mobile phone policy, emergency contact, cancellation policy, and more!)
IMPORTANT DATES (online form due date, payment due dates, immersion and rooming request deadlines)
PACKING LIST, PACKING LIST (简体), PACKING LIST (繁體) (what to bring to camp)
BOARDING HOUSE RULES (expectations for student behavior)

Still have questions?? Feel free to contact us in English, Spanish, Italian, French, or Chinese:
tel 604-221-3601
fax 604-221-3690