Med School 101 With Boarding


Ages: 14 to 17
Week5 Jul 28-Aug 10 $3900 < 10 register

Camp Details


Registration is by invitation only. Students from any school, ages 14-17 are welcome. Please send a brief letter (max 500 words) to Ms. Noelie Darcy, Coordinator, at . The letter should state your interest in medicine and an explanation of why you would benefit from this opportunity.

This exciting and unique offering represents the best of what St. George’s can offer. Current alumni medical students studying in the some of best schools in the United Kingdom are returning for this summer to direct and present a hands on intensive introduction for serious future ‘med’ students. Numerous presentations by local doctors and specialists along with field trips and several labs involving suturing and medical terminology will make this course an unforgettable experience.


Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Pathology, Respiratory Anatomy, Abdominal Physiology, Technology in Surgery, Neuro Anatomy, Sports Medicine, Endocrinology


Clinical Examinations, suturing, heart rate/blood pressure, taping injuries, blood sampling, first aid and CPR




Dr. Bruce Fleming, Dr. Pierre Guy, Dr. Peter Black, Dr. Ian Penn, Dr. G.Stuart, Dr. W.Lee, Dr. R.Bebb, Dr. J.Locke, Dr. W.Rehmus, Dr. L.Raymond, Dr. T.Murphy, Dr. P.Gordon, Dr. S.Lalji, Dr. L.Goldenberg, Dr. B.Fritz, Dr. N.Nazareli, Dr. A.Skoll, Dr. I.MacPhail, Dr. B. Thomas

Med School 101 will include instruction in CPR-HCP (CPR for Health Care Professionals, a requirement for entrance to most medical schools). Topics covered will include: -Risk Factors -Principles of first aid -Legal implications of CPR -Personal protective equipment -Activating EMS -Anatomy and physiology of the cardio-respiratory system -Assessment -Assisted ventilation’s -Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) -AED introduction -One-rescuer CPR: adult, child and infant -Two-rescuer CPR: adult, child and infant -Obstructed airway: conscious adult, child and infant -Obstructed airway: unconscious adult, child and infant -Circulatory emergency: stroke -Critical incident response management Lifesaving CPR-HCP training is based on the 2005 ILCOR Guidelines for Basic Life Support training for Health Care Providers. It is intended for health care workers working in medical environments who frequently are expected to provide CPR. CPR-HCP is designed for Health Care Providers such as doctors, nurses and paramedics who require the Health Care Provider CPR-C certification. Participants are taught how to recognize circulatory emergencies; perform rescue breathing; perform one-rescuer and two-rescuer CPR & choking procedures (for adults, children and infants); use Automated External Defibrillators and Bag-V

    Med School 101 boarding students will participate in a range of evening and weekend activities including tours to Bowen Island & Whistler, the Vancouver Aquarium, Cycling in Stanley Park and more. They will also have the opportunity to create and run a 2 hour evening program for younger camp students.


    Med School 101 boarding students are provided everything they need for the entirety of the program including meals, transportation, class supplies, airport or ferry shuttle and all tour related expenses.