Does St. George’s provide acceptance (invitation) letters for students’ visa applications?

Yes. Upon receipt of the student’s online forms and full payment for the chosen program, we provide a letter addressed to government officials acknowledging that the student has been accepted and will be under the guardianship/custodianship of Mr. Christopher Peerless for the duration of the program the student has applied to.

Do all visa applications for your programs get accepted by the Canadian government?

The majority of visa applications are accepted. In a few rare cases, however, some applications may be denied. In this case, we will happily refund all but a 100$ processing fee as long as we are made aware of any visa applications denied or still pending approval by June 10th. (see below)

What if we have to cancel? Will we get a refund?

Full payment for is due May 1st . Program fees are refundable (minus the registration fee) any time before or on June 10th. After that date there are no refunds. For students whose visa applications are denied we will refund all but a 100$ processing fee if we are made aware of the situation by June 10th and only after documentation from the Canadian embassy or consulate is submitted.